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Sennheiser SET 50 TV

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  1. Sennheiser SET 50 TV

    Reviewer: M.P.Loos-Agterberg, Vergelijk
    12 oktober 2012

    IK ben zeer tevreden over mijn nieuwe Sennheiser SEt 50 TV: Ook ben ik zeer tevreden over de de afhandeling om dit product te ontvangen. Lees Meer

  2. Senior Citizen feel years younger

    Reviewer: Ed, J&R
    16 mei 2010

    My purchase of this piece of equipment changed my whole life around. To use hearing aids, while trying to listen to the TV just don't perform like the... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Comfortable, Compact, Durable, Good Bass, Good Value, Great Sound, Lightweight, Stylish
    • Cord Too Short, Might add adjustable feet
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Set 50 TV consists of an infra-red mono stethoset receiver and infra-red transmitter and is ideal for receiving TV sound within a room. The system is excellent value for money. The receiver features an on/off/volume switch and a balance control. The transmitter can be quickly connected to a TV set or hi-fi system and transmits quality sound within a room, up to a distance of 12 meters. Set 55 TV is a variant that is delivered with two rechargeable accupacks.

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Sennheiser SET 50 TV

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