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Sony MDR-NC200

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  1. PC Magazine

    2 januari 2012

    Sony’s MDR-NC200D Digital Noise Canceling Headphones auto-adjust to the ambient noise in your environment, but they suffer from distortion that should... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Highly effective noise cancellation that auto-adjusts to your environment. Comfortable for long-term listening. Detachable (and thus replaceable) c...
    • Distorts badly on bass-heavy songs when noise cancellation is engaged. Uses triple-A battery despite ample room for a rechargeable compartment.
  2. maximum pc

    13 september 2011

    We've never been big fans of headphones that use active noise cancellation, chiefly because they mask the sound of aircraft engines, HVAC systems,... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Effective active noise cancellation, comfortable fit.
    • Detectable active noise cancellation, EQ needed to compensate for muddy sound.
  3. CNET

    20 december 2011

    If you can't afford Bose's QuietComfort noise-canceling headphones, the attractively designed and more affordable Sony MDR-NC200Ds are worth your... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • The Sony MDR-NC200Ds are compact noise-canceling headphones with a creative design, deep bass, and adequate noise cancellation. The headphones fold...
    • Slight, but audible hiss with noise canceling on, and the headphones lack an integrated microphone for making calls.
  4. What Hi-Fi?

    12 april 2012

    Good noise-cancelling, but so-so sound Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Good noise-cancelling, snug fit
    • Slightly muffled and smooth sound compromises detail and bite
  • Gebruikersbeoordelingen

  1. Binnen matig-redelijk: buiten moet het niet waaien .

    Reviewer: AlexSW, Bol
    10 januari 2013

    Jammer dat de oorkussens niet over het oor passen, daardoor meer last van omgevingsgeluid. De oorkussens zijn te klein. Lees Meer

    • Vele gebruiksmogelijkheden, onopvallend design, geluid is goed
    • Matige koptelefoon, kleine oorkussens, kan niet omgaan met wind, last van omgevingsgeluid, matige-redelijke noisecanceling, duur
  2. Good sound but not loud enough

    Reviewer: goldendeal, Bestbuy
    19 september 2014

    These have great sound and are very comfortable, however, this is just not enough for me to recommend them as a purchase as what good are they are... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Comfort
    • Not loud enough. Volume way too low.
  3. As good as Bose at much less the cost

    Reviewer: tcarterva, CNET
    20 februari 2012

    I've used Bose noise canceling earphones for years. When the outer ear cups on my last pair inexplicably peeled off when I laid them on the cover of a... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Comfortable on-ear fit, great noise cancellation, neatly folds into compact case
    • Annoying monitor button easy to accidentally push
  4. head-fi.org

    Reviewer: Mheat122134, head-fi.org
    21 februari 2012

    Very good noise cancelling with a nice unique design along with deep bass, however without the battery/noise cancelling the sound is totally... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Bass, Comfort, Noise Cancellation
    • Price, Some static noise, No battery no quality, Bass kind of distorts mids and highs
  5. good sound quality and design

    Reviewer: smokenmirror, Adorama
    3 augustus 2013

    it is the best sounding headphone for this price easily available and nice bass. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

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