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Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515

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  1. PC Magazine

    26 juni 2011

    If you care more about portability and wireless streaming, and less about high-quality audio performance, the Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 is worth... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Streams audio wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB dongle. Slim, lightweight design is easily portable. Built-in kickstand. Approximately ten hours of b...
    • Mediocre audio quality. Cannot handle high volumes without distortion, and there's no real bass response. Slightly overpriced.
  2. CNET

    19 april 2014

    With its durable outer shell, multiple connectivity options, and wide range of sound, the Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 makes a great sidekick for... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Includes wireless USB adapter and Bluetooth connectivity; durable case; moderate sound quality; 10-hour rechargeable battery.
    • Lacks remote control; can't use it as a speakerphone; rechargeable battery only; Creative D100 has bigger drivers and four color options.
  3. The Gadgeteer

    11 januari 2011

    I’ve had nothing but laptops for several years now, and I’ll never go back to desktop computers. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Portable, Rechargeable battery with 10-hour life, Sounds good, Can connect wirelessly to computers with USB adapter, Connects via Bluetooth to iPad...
    • Bass end is a bit lacking
  4. i4u.com

    7 april 2011

    The Z515 is a nice portable speaker that users looking for heavy bass might want to reconsider. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Bluetooth capability, USB wireless streaming, Internal battery
    • Weak bass
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  1. A Good Alternative to Bose

    Reviewer: lowdog420, epinions.com
    2 juni 2012

    A greeat bluetooth speaker if you're looking for a good sounding portable speaker taht doesn't need to be played at volumes louder that a loud... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Affordable, portable, easy to use, and sleek.
    • Qualityof sound lacks at higher volume levels
  2. Speaker was not as advertised; batteries did not work

    Reviewer: Amber N Foster, Amazon
    13 januari 2014

    I like these speakers, but when I purchased this product, the descriptions said the USB bluetooth device for laptops was included, when it was not. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  3. I like it !!

    Reviewer: aegeanbreeze, Ebay
    29 oktober 2013

    for me its great. Easy to use: USB, on/off switch, up/down volume. sturdy enough. Good sound. Fairly slender so not too muvh of a space hog at all. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  4. Logitech Z515 Speaker

    Reviewer: mpredaction, REVIEW STREAM
    25 juli 2014

    Price: 109,99$ I like : Its practicality (portable and compatible with Mac, PC, Bluetooth and wired devices), its battery life and its durability. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  5. Nice sound reproduction

    Reviewer: O. Egbe "beefer8", Amazon
    4 juli 2014

    I have had it for a couple of months without issues. Nice sound reproduction: good bass, nice and rich mid tones. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

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