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Logitech K750

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  1. PC Magazine

    23 december 2011

    The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 has a sleek aesthetic, and features solar panels that perpetually draw in light to power the keyboard. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Powered by light, so no batteries required. Slim form factor. Wireless USB dongle requires no driver installation. Configuration software is availa...
    • Glossy frame attracts fingerprints and smudge marks. Scissor-style chiclet keys and low-profile design don?t make for a sound ergonomic keyboard.
  2. Digitaltrends

    28 maart 2011

    Forget any notion of “going green” or saving the planet with a solar-powered keyboard, the K750 sells itself with convenience alone. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Conveniently solar powered, Solid wireless connectivity, Dead simple setup, Useful solar app, Quiet and solid feeling, Surprisingly affordable
    • Shallow Chiclet design, Glossy chassis shows smudges, dust, No indicator lights for caps lock, etc.
  3. techbargains.com

    17 april 2014

    To answer our earlier question, Logitech didn't build the perfect plank, but the company did figure out ways to lessen most of the tradeoffs you'd... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Let There Be Light, Overall Design, Chiclet Keys (With A Twist), Unified Dongles, Media Keys
    • Quiet Key Presses, Move Along, Gamers, Feature Thin
  4. ComputerShopper

    11 april 2011

    This true no-maintenance keyboard eliminates the need for batteries. Because it's thin and flat, it's best for users who prefer a quiet, laptop-style... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Wireless, yet requires no batteries, Well-spaced Chiclet keys, Single receiver works with several devices
    • Shallow profile not to everyone's taste, No wrist rest or backlighting
  5. CNET

    27 december 2011

    Logitech's K750 wireless solar keyboard gets our Editors' Choice Award for being an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional input devices... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • The affordable Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 boasts two solar panels that power the keyboard while you type, and other eco-conscious featur...
    • The keyboard lacks an integrated palm rest, which may limit its appeal for heavy typists, and there's currently no software support for Mac OS.
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  1. Werkt slechts een paar maanden

    Reviewer: Schneider1988, Bol
    4 januari 2013

    Op zich is de Logitech K750 een prima toetsenbord, de toetsen voelen prettig aan, flinter dun en is compact en licht. Lees Meer

    • goede vormgeving, toetsen voelen prettig aan
    • accu begeeft het na aantal maanden, vrij zwakke pootjes aan onderkant
  2. Gebruikersreview - Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard review door xs4me

    Reviewer: xs4me, Tweakers.net
    19 augustus 2011

    Voorheen gebruikte ik het Apple keyboard. Dit werkte ook op de PC prima. Echter leek het linker deel statisch geladen te zijn oid. Lees Meer

  3. Great Keyboard non-gamer

    Reviewer: jimmyD, Bestbuy
    13 september 2014

    Over all my experience with the keyboard has been excellent. My desk is set up in the basement and I was afraid there wouldn't be enough light to keep... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Feel and function of keys is excellent without batteries
    • could not synch to two computers simultaneously
  4. Not all that bad after all

    Reviewer: Joe in Texas, Radioshack
    25 mei 2014

    I wanted a new wireless keyboard to use at home. I did a little research and decided this might be the one to try. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Comfortable Design, Easy To Set Up, No Learning Curve
    • Seems Really Fragile
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Logitech K750

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