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Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard

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  1. Metku Mods

    5 april 2010

    Overall then the Sidewinder X4 is a good keyboard. The main things for a good gaming keyboard are there, the good typing touch, support for more... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Typing feeling, Software
    • Feels plasticky, No USB hub, No real wrist rest
  2. ITP.net

    1 november 2010

    Microsoft released the Sidewinder X6 keyboard last year and this year the software giant has followed up with the less expensive Sidewinder X4. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  3. DragonSteelMods

    25 maart 2010

    For the Sidewinder X4 Microsoft seems to have taken the basic keyboard design and added some macros and multimedia keys; otherwise what you see is... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  4. Hardware Pacers

    18 juli 2010

    The Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Gaming Keyboard and Sidewinder is a superb product and have all the elements of what a gaming system would need. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  5. PC Advisor

    4 augustus 2010

    Microsoft's SideWinder X4 gaming keyboard is a physically impressive product, and the manufacturer makes grand claims about its gamer-oriented... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

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  1. Bought it as a gift...want one for myself now!

    Reviewer: talba.talba, Ebay
    3 juli 2014

    I bought this keyboard as gift for my boyfriend. I haven't used it personally, but from opening the package I saw that it was in excellent condition. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  2. Great keyboard for gaming or general use

    Reviewer: koihoshi, epinions.com
    28 september 2013

    Feels like a great keyboard for the money. Nice functions and features for the cost! Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Smooth typing, nice key feel, backlighting, macros, media keys and calculator functions.
    • F1-F12 keys are small
  3. Without a doubt, the best keyboard I have ever owned.

    Reviewer: Cameron McLean, Amazon
    3 weken geleden

    I bought this keyboard back in January 2013 to replace a faulty one. Sadly the Sidewinder X4 is no longer available on Amazon but if you can find it... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  4. Cnet.co.uk

    Reviewer: Techguy101, Cnet.co.uk
    8 juni 2013

    Really a great keyboard overall, for the price it's a no-brainer. If you want something better, you'll be spending £100 or more for something... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Superior anti-ghosting, keys feel great to type on, backlight is great and can be easily changed with a soldering iron, can be used well without so...
    • Attracts dust like a magnet
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  • Press up to 26 keys simultaneously without ghosting—what you press is what you get!

  • Manually toggle the keyboard from standard mode to either of two gaming modes. LEDs show the selected mode.

  • When a game or application profile is assigned using the software, the keyboard detects the game or application you are running and applies your custom profile to the application.

  • Switch among three banks of six programmable macro keys to assign up to 18 macros per profile.

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