Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600
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Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600

De ultradunne Quiet Touch-toetsen zijn stil en reageren snel. Lees Meer

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Expert Review

1 mei 2013
  • Conclusie: While there was much to like about the overall design of the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard, we can recommend it only with reservations.
  • Voordelen: Split-spacebar design makes backspace more accessible, Comfortable layout, Sturdy wrist rest
  • Nadelen: Keys felt mushy and too deep, No key backlighting, Function and shortcut keys are small, half-height
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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

Pocket Lint
16 oktober 2012
  • Conclusie: The Sculpt isn't overly expensive - especially when considered against the hopeless Wedge keyboard.
  • Voordelen: Not too expensive, great quality, good to type on, perfect for touch-typists, good wireless, long battery life
  • Nadelen: Dongle is too big, caps lock is stupid, split spacebar is useless
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