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Razer Anansi

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  1. PC Magazine

    15 maart 2014

    The Razer Anansi keyboard has a perfect balance of buttons and features that come in a functional package. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Well-placed customizable keys. Backlighting. Media function buttons. Software has nice UI.
    • Keys a little mushy.
  2. techbargains.com

    17 april 2014

    Razer deserves a lot of credit for what they've done here, which is to create a gaming keyboard that offers far more features than compromises. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • Stylish Design:, Macros, Macros, and More Macros:, Performance is Key:, Robust Software:, Traditional Layout:
    • Dual USB Connectors:, USB Hub is A No-Show:
  3. maximum pc

    22 februari 2011

    Makes sense in theory, but hitting the top five (smaller) modifiers along with a number key, single-handedly, while playing a game is very... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  4. mad shrimps

    14 maart 2011

    The Anansi from Razer is a membrane-based keyboard, with a nice customizable LED effect, over 100 programmable keys, on-the-fly macro recording and an... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  5. hardwareheaven.com

    23 maart 2011

    Over the last couple of years Razer has been refining its MMO mouse, the NAGA and from a hugely impressive first outing to the more recent "EPIC... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

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  1. videokaartshop.nl

    Reviewer: van der bruggen mike, videokaartshop.nl
    27 juli 2013

    heb dit keyboard nu al een paar weekjes en moet zeggen dat het beste keyboard is wat ik tot nu al heb gekocht zeker voor mmo fans met de 7 knoppen... Lees Meer

    • mooi verlichting, gaming-mode is heel handig, goede drivers, Typed heel makkelijk, heel stijl vol toetsen board
    • MMo-toetsen onder spatie niet verlicht, nog niet supported door razer synaps cloud
  2. Gaming, Yes! Typing, No!

    Reviewer: Robert A., Newegg
    1 weken geleden

    I have owned a Razer Naga mouse for several years and love it. If I weren't having much annoyance with typing I would be equally ecstatic about this... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • programmable keys are easy to assign with on-screen software;
    • Typing with this keyboard is an exercise in frustration. The keys require significant, positive pressure to register especially when using the shif...
  3. A VERY VERY BAD Product

    Reviewer: JJmaverickQQ, Bestbuy
    22 mei 2014

    I do not recommend the Razer Anansi keyboard to ANYBODY!! I made the mistake of buying it from Best Buy, and after having had it for a couple of... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

    • the lighting
    • everything else!
  4. Good keyboard, but not great.

    Reviewer: kmiller2244, Ebay
    4 januari 2014

    Nice keyboard, changes backlight colors, and has comfortable feel. It does seem a little cheap on construction, but we’ll see. Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

  5. Excellent Gaming keyboard

    Reviewer: ,, TigerDirect.com
    17 januari 2013

    Bought this keyboard for gaming and really like how the button layout works. The default mode of having the last 5 number keys down the side really... Lees Meer Translate to Nederlands

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Razer Anansi

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